Ice cream might actually be good for you, according to science

This is the sort of science that an ice cream reporter waits an entire life to examine approximately: Ice cream might be not that awful for you. Maybe.

An article inside the May issue of The Atlantic goes deep at the unreported hyperlink between ice cream and better fitness.

According to author David Merritt Johns, it commenced with a tip he got, that during 2018, “a Harvard doctoral scholar named Andres Ardisson Korat changed into supplying his studies on the relationship between dairy ingredients and persistent disorder to his thesis committee.”

“One of his research had led him to an unusual end,” Johns wrote. “Among diabetics, ingesting 1/2 a cup of ice cream an afternoon become associated with a decrease chance of heart issues.”

Could this be? Well, it turns out Korat wasn’t the primary scientist to find a fantastic correlation among health and ice cream.

Johns wrote about every other, earlier take a look at out of Harvard Medical School that found “dairy-based totally cakes” were “associated for obese humans with dramatically decreased odds of growing insulin-resistance syndrome.”

The nutritional epidemiology community didn’t love it. In truth, they didn’t trust it, so that they underplayed that end result and performed up another: the fitness advantages of yogurt.

The whole article is superb, in-depth and well worth a read, so I am now not going to give away the conclusion. But I will say this: I have plans to pick up a pint or so of some thing cold on the grocery store this afternoon. And if you, expensive reader, are searching out a few alternatives for local ice cream consumption, you’ve come to the proper place.

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